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A master re-design of my copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ has produced this new highly effective advanced  camouflage pattern. As the designer, peak all-terrain camouflage effectiveness was my number one priority.

This outstanding pattern provides the optimum combination of contrasting shapes and coloration’s to effectively disguise a person’s silhouette.

In addition, these features also produces a unique effect I call, “color-shifting”. Simply put, the eye is fooled in seeing the overall look of the camouflage has taken on the look of the surrounding environment. Such as in the desert, the overall camouflage look “shifts” to appear more predominately sandy in coloration.

While in more green wooded environments, the overall look “shifts” to look more overall green/brown. It requires a very delicate balance of shapes and color tones to achieve this “color-shift” effect.

The resulting pattern excels in a wide variety of environments. A true 21st century weapon delivery system.

This newly updated tiger pattern design delivers superior all-terrain camouflage performance and superior uniform construction while still being very affordable when compared to similar products. Tru-Spec® All Terrain Tiger™ uniforms are the perfect alternative to today’s higher priced camouflage selections.

Any Military, Government Agency, Law Enforcement Department, or Professional Security Force can now deliver extremely high camouflage effectiveness with this outstanding Tiger Stripe variation.

The available uniform styles and superior pattern make them ideal for Special Operation Units as well as for everyday duties. Governments, agencies, and organizations, please contact TSP directly regarding larger orders of the All Terrain Tiger™.

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Special Operation Forces; looking for an advanced camo that gives you that battlefield edge but is not regular issue uniform? A very valuable tool in the battlefield and in training scenarios. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

All Terrain Tiger™… highly efffective… affordable camouflage
Don’t be fooled by any cheap imitations. Make sure it says Tiger Stripe Products and Tru-Spec®. Buy All Terrain Tiger