Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe


Classic copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ has been renowned for decades for it’s superior jungle and deep woods camouflage effectiveness. A camouflage design that is a master of disguising a person’s silhouette by it’s artful use of shapes and contrasting colors. Used by elite forces throughout the Vietnam era and beyond. Tiger Stripe continues today to be the choice of Special Operation Forces and experts worldwide.

This Tiger Stripe has nothing to prove. It’s been there and it just plain works… period. Combat Tested-Combat Proven from the Vietnam era to today.

Don’t be fooled by any cheap imitations. Make sure it says Tiger Stripe Products and Tru-Spec®. Supplier to movie and television industries: “Tour of Duty”, “STARGATE SG-1”, “Operation Dumbo Drop”, “Terminator Salvation”, CBS-“NCIS”, CBS-“NCIS:LA”.

Contact TSP directly regarding large orders for Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™.

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Supplier to Movie and Television Industries

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