Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here for answers to your questions before sending an email. We do our best to return emails as timely as possible however, finding your answer here could save you time in waiting for a return email.

Can you send me a catalog?

Sorry, printed catalogs are not available. The website serves as the catalog for my copyrighted camouflage patterns. Since new patterns are always being designed and added, a conventional printed catalog would be obsolete within a couple of months.

The same goes for products made from these camouflage patterns. TSP does not manufacture products. Other authorized companies manufacture products and are always changing specs or adding new products so, again, a printed catalog would always be behind what is actually available.

Showing the latest patterns, listing products that use my patterns, and the manufacturers of these products on the website keeps things as real-time as possible.

Can I buy products directly from TSP?

TSP has not directly sold finished consumer products since 1997. TSP provides purchasing LINKS to make it easy for customers to purchase products directly from authorized re-sellers or wholesalers. TSP does make, stock, or sell any finished consumer products besides our copyrighted camouflage patterns which are licensed or sold to governments, defense contractors, or manufacturers.

Buy factory direct clothing here

Where can I buy clothing?

Buy factory direct clothing here

Can you make me a ...

TSP is not a tailor or embroidery shop. TSP does not own sewing or embroidery machines. So, no, TSP does not have the equipment to make… anything.

However, arrangements can be made to have samples produced, especially when they relate to a large project. If fabric is available, samples could cost approx. $250 per piece. If fabric needs to be printed, due to print factory high short run sample strike-off charges, samples could run thousands of dollars.

Can I get the Advisor style uniform, or the short brim boonie hat, or the USMC cover?

After TSP stopped manufacturing these items in 1997, TSP authorized Atlanco/TruSpec to make these items. Atlanco chose to only make the Advisor uniform. Due to slow sales, Atlanco discontinued the Advisor uniform in 2000. TSP does not have any inventory of these items. Maybe, someday, we might bring back the Advisor style uniform.

Can TSP help with my camouflage pattern? Can you help with making fabrics and/or garments?

Yes, however… you must realize by helping with your camouflage pattern, this creates competition for all TSP products. In an attempt to offset this, a royalty fee would be imposed on any fabrics or products created.

Print factory minimums are currently 7,000 yards for nylon goods and 10,000 yards for woven goods. Factory minimums are set by the individual factories and not by TSP. Minimums are subject to change by the individual factory. Contact TSP if interested in pursuing your project with our help.