Design Services

Using specialized computer software and proprietary design techniques to design state-of-the-art camouflage patterns. Both digital and analog styles are possible.

  • A leader in state-of-the-art camouflage pattern design.
  • Supplier to: Military/Special Operation Forces/Security Forces/Defense Forces/Law Enforcement/Police/Commercial.
  • Foreign and Domestic Governments, Defense Contractors, Commercial Manufacturer clients all welcome.
  • Buy clothing direct from TSP with MFG Factory Direct Shipping

  • You can start by selecting a pattern from existing designs, colorways can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Or, supply your own pattern and it can be upgraded to a digital design.
  • Or, supply your requirements for a pattern and custom artwork can be designed.
  • Design rate is $80 USD @ hour, minimum $300 (non-refundable). Average design time ranges from approx. 15 to 40 hours.
  • Approved artwork printed on test paper, ink jetted onto fabric, or digitally printed. Test paper, or fabric, merely shows the pattern. Fabric is not 100% production quality.
  • Copyrighted camouflage pattern designs are sold or licensed with corresponding royalty fees applied.
  • Contact TSP with your individual camouflage pattern requirements.

  • TSP is not a sewing factory, nor a tailor shop, nor an embroidery shop. We do not own sewing machines and do not make or alter any products.
  • Buy clothing direct from TSP with MFG Factory Direct Shipping
  • Printed fabrics are available directly from our fabric converter, Diversitex Inc. Fabrics, in all patterns, not always in stock. Some patterns require print screens to be made before fabric can be printed. Average fabric run factory min. 10,000 yards. Average nylon print run factory min. 7,000 yards, (both min. set by the individual corresponding print factory).
  • Sample uniforms can be arranged if fabric is available, approx. cost $250 per piece. If fabric needs to be printed, due to print factory high short run sample strike-off charges, samples could run thousands of dollars.
  • Finished uniform production packages. (min. 500 sets with purchase of unused fabric run or min. 2500 sets using all of fabric run).
  • Contact TSP with your individual requirements.