Tiger Stripe Products is a leader in designing state-of-the-art camouflage patterns and licenses the use of these designs to governments, security forces,
defense contractors, and manufacturers.

Whether it’s jungles, deserts, forests, urban, or combination environments like Afghanistan and Iraq, these battle proven copyrighted designs simply get the job done.   more patterns…


Shown here are just a few of the great products using our timeless Tiger Stripe patterns. Uniforms, hats, combat shirts, vinyl adhesives are available to retail customers and dealers. Fabrics, nylons, and water transfer films are available to manufacturers and professional decorators. Buy uniforms & accessories with factory direct shipping. Free Ground Shipping When You Spend $150. Sorry, warehouse does not ship international. Try using www.planetexpress.com to forward your package. Also provided are links to our authorized web sales partners to purchase these other goods.

Current U.S. Military uniforms
Scorpion OCP

mfg’d by TRUSPEC®
now available in our STORE


These copyrighted Tiger Stripe patterns, as-well-as my other custom patterns, are specifically designed to excel in the real-world. They function as true camouflages and work extremely well to conceal the subject. Too many patterns today are simply fashion statements and shamelessly masquerade as a so-called camouflage.  more patterns


The cornerstone of a truly effective camouflage must reflect fundamental features which, when properly blended together, results in a superior pattern. These features include appropriate design shapes and an appropriate contrasting colorway. Contrasting shapes and colors work together to effectively break-up a subject’s silhouette making them no longer resemble their recognizable shape.  more patterns…

All Terrain Tiger™: Simply a superior transitional camouflage pattern with it’s excellent contrasting design. Plus, it excels at “color-shifting” to more easily blend into it’s surrounding environment. * Stay tuned for some very exciting news regarding TSP and All Terrain Tiger™ camouflage. Buy

SPEC-OPS Tiger™ – Desert A: Based on our original tiger stripe. This digital pattern utilizes the shapes and shadows to produce a very unique tiger stripe variation in pixels. Available in several colorways. All available for licensing.

MilCam™ – Desert: This advanced camouflage design combines digital with analog elements to produce a unique and very effective pattern. Design includes woodland, transitional, and urban colorways. Available for licensing.

Digital Tiger™ – USMC Desert: High quality, durable, vinyl magazine wrap is a product of, and is available from, U.S. Night Vision. Many other mag wraps with TSP patterns and colorways are available.